Lucky Risograph - Lucky Amulet Zine - Weiyun Chen

NT$ 1,020.00

護身符 Lucky Amulet Zine Designed by Weiyun Chen and printed at Lucky Risograph

Size: 14 x 18.5 cm

尺寸:14 x 18.5 cm

An amulet is an object believe to confer protection upon its possessor. In Taiwan, an amulet is a blessing granted to the younger generation by the older generation. Lucky Amulet Zine is based on the idea of giving blessings to people you loved and cared about. I wish this zine could bring more luck to this world.

Each amulet represents different functions such as health, wealth or love, etc. I chose the 10 most common usage for this zine. Each one has its unique pattern combining with either found object's from Chinatown or traditional custom.